What We've Achieved

An Overview

Liberty Springs’ treatment system is the powerful combination of meaningful experiential activity, intelligent neuro-restructuring and cognitive behavioral therapy, and a unique Technology Reframing© program.

 As trusted, self-regulating individuals, our graduates are equipped with fresh, marketable skills and healthy attitudes toward technology that place them on a new trajectory in pursuing their life’s dreams. 

Helping young men, ages 13-17, struggling with

technology addiction,

primarily gaming, social media, and video sharing.


Also effectively addressing concurrent issues of:
anxiety, depression, mood disorders, low self-esteem, social struggles, grief and loss, and adoption/attachment.

We assist these young men in establishing effective emotional, cognitive, and behavioral coping patterns that will enable them to reconnect with family and society and become contributing members in today’s world. 

In addition to the traditional one-on-one and group sessions with our therapists, Liberty Springs’ residents spend their days in a variety of experiential activities.

This emotionally rich experiential therapy is not only highly effective, but fun and “doesn’t feel like traditional therapy.” Young men thrive in this hands-on environment—working, creating, playing, learning, feeling. Working side by side with caring professionals, life skills are honed, character is built, and principled-centered lives begin again. 

We have carefully structured the Liberty Springs program with essential elements for all residents. Yet, the smaller size of our program allows us to tailor each resident’s experience specifically just for him.


For those that enjoy art, we arrange and art instructor to give them art lessons. Others might love playing the guitar or other musical instruments for which we arrange music lessons. Still others might prefer to work under the hood of a car. All are encouraged to pursue their unique interests. 

The beauty of our location is elevating to the soul. While the Rocky Mountains are a popular destination for tourists around the world, we find the terrain and climate provide the perfect environment for the activities of our program and the therapy that our professionals provide. Our property has been hand selected and uniquely designed to fulfill the mission of Liberty Springs.