Under the Sea Marine Biology Program

The Catalina Island Marine Biology Program is the premier program for adventurous, marine-loving, students that want to learn and have a ton of fun! Students will live on a marine research vessel and work with professional marine biologists as they work with animals and perform scientific experiments in world-class research facilities.

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Catalina Island

Located off the coast of Southern California, Catalina Island is home to one of the most diverse marine biologic ecosystems in the world. Scientists in various fields flock to the island to perform research on many different species of animal life. Above the water, the island is a beautiful, sunny paradise with lush vegetation and plenty to do. Miles of hiking trails cover the many mountains on the island and pristine sand beaches line the coast. While resting from their research, students can play sand volleyball, kayak, swim, snorkel, and dive. There is even a port city where visitors can shop, dine, and relax. Regardless of whether you are a researcher or tourist, Catalina Island is one of the top destinations in California!

Southern California Marine Institute


The Southern California Marine Institute is a strategic alliance of 23 major universities and foundations dedicated to the highest levels of marine research including UCLA, USC, and California State University. The Institute provides honds on learning experiences for students and marine expertise from distinguished professionals. Students can expect an excellent experience learning at one of the top marine research facilities in the world. 

Enhydra Research Vessel


Winter 2020 Program Dates

  • Session 1 2/3-2/15

Summer 2020 Program Dates

  • Session 1: 7/5-7/19

  • Session 2: 7/12-7/26

  • Session 3: 7/19-8/2

  • Session 4: 7/26-8/9

  • Session 5: 8/2-8/16

  • Session 6: 8/9-8/23

Group Ages and Makeup

  • Age Groups: 9-13, 14-17

  • Each program will be geared toward the level of difficulty each age group is capable of.  

  • Our programs are open to students of all genders.

  • Under the Sea Marine Biology Program is a mixed program, meaning it consists of English-speaking students from various countries including many from the United States.  

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The Enhydra Research Vessel is a fully-functioning, floating marine research station that patrols the waters off the coast of Southern California. The vessel is equipped with multiple laboratories, lodging for 40 crew members, a full-size industrial kitchen, and plenty of deck space. Students will have the opportunity to lodge onboard the vessel and work first hand with local scientists in the Enhydra’s research laboratories. They will travel around Catalina Island aboard the Enhydra to research various marine ecosystems.

University of Southern California Wrigley Institute for Environmental Science Lab

Wrigley Labs.jpg

The USC Wrigley Institute is a state-of-the-art research facility located on Catalina Island. The center features eight laboratories that are utilized by research professionals from the top institutions around the world. Students will have the opportunity to work along side researchers and tour the vast aquariums and unique laboratories.

Program Features

Wet Suits on Beach.jpg
  • Intensive English Training

  • Marine Biology Education

  • Marine Animal Caretaking Instruction

  • Leadership and Personal Development

  • One-on-One Instruction from Marine Biologists

  • Live on a Fully Functioning Research Vessel

  • Work in a Floating Laboratory

  • American Culture Exchange

  • Learn from Ph.D.’s in Biology & Environmental Science Daily

  • Receive Official Certificate of Completion from the Southern California Marine Institute

Excursions & Activities

Scuba Diver.jpg
  • Visit Los Angeles

  • Sail Around Catalina Island on the Enhydra Research Vessel

  • Avalon World Class Port and Shopping

  • USC Wrigley Marine Institute

  • Southern California Marine Institute

  • Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Beach Volleyball, Etc.

  • Personal Research Project with the Assistance of a Marine Biologist


Lab Work.jpg
  • STEM – Throughout the whole program students will be practicing and learning STEM skills including the scientific method, hypothesis testing, the use of scientific measuring instruments, mathematical application, and so much more.

  • English – All activities during the course of the program are conducted in English. Students will participate on average in 30 hours per week of classes.

  • Marine Biology – Students will have hands on experience working with marine life while learning from expert biologists.

  • Research Skills – Students will practice the scientific method while performing experiments, recording their findings, and trying to answer difficult questions. Students will present their research projects to the group at the end of the program.

  • Leadership – Students will learn how to work together in teams with people from diverse backgrounds while employing critical thinking and creativity to solve problems and design projects.


Enhydra Research Vessel – Catalina

Students will stay aboard the Enhydra Research Vessel during the program. During the day they will work in the onboard labs and at night they will stay in the cabins below deck. Each cabin features 2 beds and a bathroom with toilet and shower. The vessel also has a full-service dining facility.

White’s Landing Campground

White’s Landing is the premier location on Catalina Island . It features the longest natural sandy beach on the island located in a beautiful and secluded bay. The program features showers and bathrooms along with military style tents with bunkbeds. Meeting areas and dining halls are all air conditioned. The campground has a wide selection of beachfront activities including v  olleyball, kayaking, swimming, and so much more!

Laundry and Dining

There are full-service laundry facilities at all lodging locations that will be available to participants every 4 days.   

The program will provide 3 filling, and balanced meals each day for participants. There is an FDA approved kitchen/dining room with staff on location. We can accommodate dietary restrictions if notified in advance.

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If you are interested in selling one of our programs or having your student/s attend, please contact us by any of the following:

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