Want to be an astronaut? Want to design rockets? How about robotics?

The NASA STEM Program is the premier STEM learning program. Students will learn from professional scientists, engineers, and astronauts and then apply their skills in NASA space exploration missions. The missions require a combination of mathematical understanding, teamwork, robotics, coding, and physics. As the students improve their problem-solving skills, the missions progressively become more challenging each day.

The students work in teams alongside scientists, engineers, and others at the NASA Space Center in Houston, Texas. They'll even have lectures from astronauts, Ph.D.’s, astrophysicists and others doing very cool things in the space world, including a guest speaker from Space X to discuss private space travel.

Each student that successfully completes the NASA STEM Program will receive a certificate of completion from NASA. Take the first step to becoming an astronaut, space engineer, or astrophysicist! Join the NASA STEM Program today!

NASA Space Center Houston, Texas

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Space Center Houston is the premier authentic and immersive learning center for science and space exploration. Ranked as one of the top STEM education facilities in the U.S.A, the center provides students the opportunity to be a part of NASA’s mission.


NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center was established in 1961 and has been the world leader in human space flight operations around the world. It is the location of the launch of the Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon in 1969. Since it’s inception, the center has been home to controlling flights for Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and the Apollo-Soyuz missions. All astronauts from the United States participate in the rigorous training programs at the Johnson Space Center.

Rice University


Rice University is an American private university located in Houston, Texas. It is one of the premier engineering schools in the country. Rice is famous for many of its engineering programs including artificial heart research, structural chemical analysis, signal processing, space science, and nanotechnology. The school is the alma mater of many famous scientists and established professionals including many astronauts that have traveled into space.

Program Features

Winter 2020 Program Dates (2-Weeks)

  • Session 1: Feb 2-Feb 15

Summer 2020 Program Dates (2-Weeks)

  • Session 1: July 5-July 18

  • Session 2: July 12-July 25

  • Session 3: July 19-Aug 1

  • Session 4: July 26-Aug 8

Summer 2020 Program Dates (3-Weeks)

  • Session 1: July 5-July 25

  • Session 2: July 12-Aug 1

Group Ages and Makeup

  • Age Groups: 7-12, 13-17

  • Each program will be geared toward the level of difficulty each age group is capable of.  

  • Our programs are open to students of all genders.

  • The UCSD Program is a mixed program, meaning it consists of English-speaking students from various countries including many from the United States.  

Contact Us

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WeChat: LibertySprings

Phone: 1 (801) 643-4592

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  • Intensive English Training

  • Access to NASA facilities including museum, design facilities, testing facilities and mock mission control.

  • Professional mentoring from NASA staff/employees

  • Hands on rocket engineering education and competition

  • Space X guest speaker

  • Robotics education and hands on learning

  • Bucket-List Excursions

  • Team building and problem-solving experiences

  • Lunar and Mars expedition simulation

  • Official NASA certificate of completion

  • Houston Zoo

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science



The NASA program is a combination of English and STEM components.

  • Robotics – Students will build, design, and program robots to accomplish various tasks on a lunar surface replica using EV3 software.

  • Coding – Students learn to code in C-languages to program robots to accomplish various astronomical research challenges.

  • Rocketry & Physics – Students will learn how fundamental principles of Physics and Mathematics are applied to Rocketry and space exploration

  • English –Students will receive 15 hours per week of intensive English training from certified ESL professionals. All activities during the NASA STEM Program are in English.

  • Research – Students will participate in various activities where they must utilize the scientific method to test hypotheses, problem solve, and write conclusions based on their findings.




Students will lodge at the NASA Marriott in Houston. Most rooms have 2 beds per room with a shared bathroom. A few rooms are slightly larger with a shared bathroom. Participants will share a room with other participants of their same gender. The hotel has a pool, full-service breakfast, and laundry facilities.


There are full-service laundry facilities at the lodging location that will be available to participants every 4 days.   

Meal Arrangements

The program will provide 3 tradition American, filling, and balanced meals each day for participants. There is a kitchen/dining room on location. We can accommodate dietary restrictions if notified in advance.  

Contact Information

If you are interested in selling one of our programs or having your student/s attend, please contact us by any of the following:



WeChat: LibertySprings

Address: 395 W. 450 S. Providence, UT 84332 U.S.A.