Our people take care of your people. It takes a small army to pull off our experiences, but let’s introduce you to the core team.

Our Core Team

Tyler, our Executive Director, is pursuing his passion of educating young people through unique experiential learning opportunities.

In his previous life Tyler was the Assistant Dean for the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. Prior to the university, Tyler was a consultant with IBM in Minnesota and then moved to Arizona to start his own wealth management business helping individuals and small businesses with their financial and life goals.

Tyler is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with two Masters degrees from University of Minnesota--one in business administration and another in healthcare administration. He earned his bachelors degree from Brigham Young University. 

Tyler earned his Eagle Scout award in his youth and has been an adult scout leader--Scout Master, Cub Scout Leader, and Venture Advisor--for 15 years.

Tyler enjoys traveling and learning about the people and cultures of the world. He lived in Korea for 2.5 years where he learned to speak and write in the Korean language.


Josh, our Director of Business Development, is excited about life and making a difference in the world. Josh loves to experience different cultures. He lived for two years in Taiwan, and recently returned from Southeast Asia where he worked as a business consultant and performed research on microfinance companies.

As President of the Huntsman Scholar Program he studied international markets in England, Belgium, France, and Switzerland.

Before joining Liberty Springs, Josh worked as an associate at a venture capital firm where he enjoyed analyzing small businesses, critically thinking, and using that knowledge to make informed investment decisions. Josh’s fascination of small ventures has grown as he has worked as the director of competitions in the USU Entrepreneurship Center and helped students develop viable businesses.

Josh is passionate about developing young people and helping them realize their potential to make a difference in the world. He has 5 years of youth camp experience where he worked as a manager for youth development programs in the midwestern United States, and also led youth humanitarian trips in Fiji.

Josh enjoys reading, studying Mandarin, playing sports, being outdoors, and writing music.


Dr. Reed Kirkland is the Educational Director of our programs. He earned his PhD from University of California in Entomology and Botany and his bachelors and masters degrees in Zoology from Utah State University.

Dr. Kirkland was a professor zoology, entomology, biology and natural history at California State University and Fresno City College.

At the University of Missouri Dr. Kirkland supervised all interdisciplinary courses in Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Weed Science as the Director of Integrated Pest Management.

Dr. Kirkland knows his way around a lab as well. He was the Director of Laboratory Studies for Pan-Agricultural Laboratories supervising all laboratory and greenhouse studies. Additionally, Dr. Kirkland founded Bio Research where he conducted hundreds of studies for private industry and government agencies in evaluating the effects of pesticides on target non-target organisms.

Dr. Kirkland is the former President of the Rock & Gem Society of California and is an active rock and fossil collector. He is a long-time avid bird watcher and proficient wildlife photographer.

Dr. Kirkland now spends his time mentoring youth ages 8-17 in the natural sciences.

shay sookhoo.jpg

Shay Sookhoo is the Social Media Manager at Liberty Springs. With all of the positive impact our exciting programs are having on the lives of young people, it is important that we broadcast the good news.

Shay creates and executes our social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram. Creating content such as videos, photographs, infographics, and boomerangs to increases awareness.

Although her hometown is Brampton, Ontario, Shay currently resides in Rexburg, Idaho while she is finishing her bachelors degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Social Media.


Carly "Lee" is our Geoscience Educational Specialist. She has an Associates degree from Utah State University and will soon finish with a bachelors in Geology and Earth Sciences.

Lee has participated in research studies of the paleo environments of the lower Cambrian to upper
Cambrian period in Utah. She has also aided in research projects in Bear Lake and Yellowstone. She is currently heading a research project in Northern Utah, understanding the placement and inner workings of tufa cones, at the Northern side of Cache Valley.

Prior to joining Liberty Springs, Lee's employment experience was working with troubled adolescents in treatment home settings helping them transition to a brighter future.

Lee enjoys her free time with her family, hiking, fishing, camping, rock-climbing, doing photography, and, of course, stopping at every opportunity to collect rocks.


Jessa earned her bachelors degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota. Understanding the needs of our participants--mental, physical, or emotional--are priority number one for us.

Jessa never shies away from a challenge. She is self-taught in upholstery work, interior design, and culinary arts and believes that with persistence and hard work any child can learn anything they desire.

Successful programs with unique experiences and intricate itineraries like ours require attention to detail. Jessa is our "go-to" for logistics, accommodations, and food. Food makes people happy, especially good food!


Kathy's life in the Army relocated their family many times to places such as Alabama, Texas, Alaska, Colorado, New York and Maryland. Kathy's incredible capacity for empathy and perceiving and caring for the needs of others makes her an incredible asset to our programs. She's considered by many students as "the mom."

Kathy home schooled her 5 children and is now intimately involved with her 6 grandchildren. Her ability to tie learning objectives to activities contributes to our experiential activity learning components.

Kathy enjoys walking, biking, sewing, reading, and serving her family and neighbors.

Adam Larson Picture.png

Ever since he was a young child, Adam Larson has been fascinated by prehistoric life.

Adam is currently a paleontology student at Carthage College in his hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is currently working on his bachelor's thesis on growth features in the woolly mammoth.

Through working at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, he has excavated at a variety of dig sites with AllosaurusSupersaurusCamarasaurus, and Edmontosaurus material.

Not content to limit himself to one field, Adam has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in a ghost town, tutors The Intellectual History of Western Heritage during the school year, and regularly performs improvisational comedy as a member of Merely Players Improv Comedy.


Scott Williams comes to us with 20 years of leadership experience in working with youth.

As a platoon Sergeant in the United States Army, Mr. Williams has led many men to camp, fight, and survive in extreme environments such as Alaskan arctic, the California desert, and the mountains of Colorado.

Actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America, he has mentored many young men to earn their Eagle Scout award while enabling them to grow and discover their potential; eventually, fully enjoying outdoor activities. Mr. Williams is an avid horseback rider, hiker, camper, and skier.

Mr. Williams’ work experience includes safety training for employees, working with a safety committee to monitor and improve safety behavior, keeping current with the state and federal labor laws, and procuring protective equipment for the many job tasks in a chemical environment.

Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Health and Safety from Century University. He is retired from the United States Army. Mr. Williams is married and has five children.


Yongsang Park is our VP based in Seoul, Korea.

After earning his MBA from University of Minnesota in 2001, Mr. Park became a Senior Financial Analyst for Universal Hospital Services. His expertise led Mr. Park on a quick trajectory along an impressive career path. Following UHS, Mr. Park was a Financial Controller for Bain & Company, a CFO for Carlyle Portfolio Company, the Director of Global Finance at MCM, and finally the CFO for Louis Quatorze.

Mr. Park’s excellent business sense, finance accounting, operations and management and fluent bilingualism in English and Korean, makes him a tremendous asset to the team. His attention to detail is important to us and to the parents that we serve.

Mr. Park understands homestay programs with the first-hand experience. He has experience of sending his own two children to the US in long-term homestay programs for over six years.