Hollywood Filmmaking Program

Lights, Camera, Action! The Hollywood Film program is one of the most unique experiences available to students everywhere. Participants will learn the ins and outs of the filmmaking industry, develop STEM and English skills, and improve their critical thinking and creativity. Each day will involve difficult educational challenges and a whole lot of fun!

Nowhere else will students get the opportunity to get up close exposure to the Hollywood filmmaking industry. During the program they will work in movie studios in Hollywood, California, learn from professional directors that have successfully made and sold movies, work with cinematographers and engineers, practice videography, and learn acting from the best in the business.

Not only will students improve their English and STEM skills, but they will also practice all aspects of the video-making process. By the end of the program, each student will have gained significant experience in the entertainment industry, and have planned, directed, and filmed their own high-quality movie that they can show their friends and family.

Hollywood California

Hollywood is home to the U.S. film industry and several historic movie studios including Paramount Studios, Columbia Pictures, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, and Warner Brothers. It has been home to some of the most famous celebrities in the world including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, the Kardashians, Katy Perry, and Johnny Depp. Each year, actors and actresses from all over the world come to Hollywood to film the next blockbuster film or attend the Academy Awards! As part of the program, students will get to visit many historical Hollywood locations including the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Chinese Theater, Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard, and the Oscars Theater.

Winter 2020 Program Dates (2-Weeks)

  • Session 1: Feb 2-Feb 15

Summer 2020 Program Dates (2-Weeks)

  • Session 1: July 5-July 18

  • Session 2: July 12-July 25

  • Session 3: July 19-Aug 1

  • Session 4: July 26-Aug 8

Summer 2020 Program Dates (3-Weeks)

  • Session 1: July 5-July 25

  • Session 2: July 12-Aug 1

Group Ages and Makeup

  • Age Groups: 9-13, 14-17

  • Each program will be geared toward the level of difficulty each age group is capable of.  

  • Our programs are open to students of all genders.

  • The Hollywood Filmmaking Program is a mixed program, meaning it consists of English-speaking students from various countries including many from the United States.  

Contact Us

If you are interested in selling one of our programs or having your student/s attend, please contact us by any of the following:

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Phone: 1 (801) 889-9932

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Program Features

  • Intensive English Training

  • Skill development in English script writing

  • Acting training from professional Hollywood actors

  • Hands-on movie production design education

  • Learn directly from a professional Hollywood director 

  • Develop video and sound editing skills from a professional editor

  • Leadership and management skills training

  • Camera and cinematography sciences education

  • Bucket-List Excursions

  • Red Carpet Premiere and Awards Ceremony for participants

  • Receive official certificate of completion

  • Bring home your very own film that you scripted, directed, and filmed!

Excursions & Activities

Universal Studios.jpg
  • Universal Studios 

  • Santa Monica Pier

  • Beach Activities

  • Local High School Tour

  • Hollywood Walk of Stars

  • Graumaun’s Chinese Theater

  • UCLA Programus Tour

  • La Brea Tar Pits

  • Griffith Observatory



The Hollywood program is a combination of English, STEM, and Personal Development components.

  • English –Students will receive 15 hours per week of intensive English training from certified ESL professionals. All activities during the NASA STEM Program are in English.

  • STEM & Cinematic Technology – There are many areas of the movie industry that require STEM competencies. Students will engage in many different activities that require them to use STEM concepts such as light/sound engineering and using software to edit videos.

  • Leadership – Students will need to learn how to work together in teams with people from diverse backgrounds while employing critical thinking and creativity to solve problems and design projects.

  • Public Speaking & Acting – Students will learn acting, public speaking, and personal presentation skills from professionals in the film industry and then practice their skills with mentors.

  • Videography – Students will learn how to make high-quality videos including, script writing, casting, filming, and editing.

Staff Highlight

Maclain Nelson is an accomplished writer and director. He has written and directed four feature films that have all received worldwide distribution along with multiple musicals and TV Shows.

  • Little Women (2018) – Released Nationwide

  • Dudes & Dragons (2015) – Won best feature at Dragon Con and Chicago Comedy Festival, picked for distribution by Samuel Goldwyn Films

  • Single Wide (2015) – New York Theater Festival

  • Once I Was A Beehive (2015) – Opened on over 100 Screens, Best Screenplay at the filmed in Utah Awards

  • Impractical Jokers – Hit TruTV Show

  • Vamp U (2011) – Best film of the Hollywood Film Festival



Students will lodge at the beautiful Aldersgate Resort in Hollywood California. Most rooms have two or three beds. Participants will share a room with other participants of their same gender. The resort has great facilities including gardens, fields, outdoor spaces, game rooms, and is only a quick walk from the beach.


There are full-service laundry facilities at the lodging location that will be available to participants every 4 days.   

Meal Arrangements

The program will provide 3 traditional American, filling, and balanced meals each day for participants. There is an FDA approved kitchen/dining room with staff on location. We can accommodate dietary restrictions if notified in advance.

Contact Information

If you are interested in selling one of our programs or having your student/s attend, please contact us by any of the following:

Email: info@libertysprings.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ExperienceLibertySprings/

WeChat: LibertySprings

Address: 395 W. 450 S. Providence, UT 84332 U.S.A.