USA Homestay

Which Homestay option is best for you?

Short-term (2 Months) or Long-term (9+ months)

Short-term homestay programs are held during school vacation breaks in the Summer (July-August) and Winter (January-February). The Rocky Mountain Immersion program is an excellent choice for summer. Participants receive intensive English and Math instruction, nature education in the Rocky Mountains, visit places like Yellowstone National Park, and are immersed in western American culture. Learn more about the program here.

Long-term: Bonneville Academy

This is the ultimate cultural immersion opportunity. Our homestay program, Bonneville Academy, is an accelerator to higher scholastic achievement, tailored college preparation and entry, improved native English language ability, and a smooth assimilation into American culture.

Students live at a new home with a caring family and enroll in the local public schools. At the end of the school day and after a short break, our students receive personalized tutoring.

What you can expect from our program:

  • A quality middle-school and high-school education in Utah.

  • An enjoyable homestay experience with an honorable family.

  • Proficiency in written and spoken English, including the nuances of cultural expression and critical thought.

  • Entrance (and, potentially, financial assistance through scholarship) in a college or university consistent with the field of your child's specific interests and competencies.

Academic Excellence

 Your child's genius is our academy's sacred responsibility. Why should you settle for mediocrity? We don't.

We have hand selected the very best educators--the cream of the crop--to inspire and teach your child. Our educators hold university degrees, oftentimes a Master's degree or PhD, as well.

Tailored instruction in every school subject and, of course, English composition and SAT exam preparation, awaits your child.

Rich Cultural Experience

Immersion in the local American culture helps tremendously in composition, intonation, and general understanding.

Yet, the real power of a rich cultural experience extends much further than a good grade in school. It is a preparation for life that cannot be reproduced in any other way.

Cache Valley is a clean, safe, and beautiful hidden treasure of America. Your child will feel secure and comfortable--finding the people very welcoming and friendly.

Seamless Approach to Matriculation

The combination of our academic program and homestay model ensure that the money you spend on your child's education is a smart investment rather than just another frustrating expense.

Our university advisers and matriculation specialists are a key element in the selection, application, and financing processes of the best university fit for you child's career ambitions. Early involvement in the process removes any surprises and uncertainty of the future.