“I am full of thanks for this precious chance...”

The program is full of fun day and night! There are a lot of interesting activities we cannot experience in urban areas, especially feeding the animals. Digging for dinosaurs was the most exciting part. I am full of thanks for this precious chance to dig fossils. And, if I have the chance and time, I will go to the program again.

— K.O.

“the place that impressed me most is this trip to America…”

This summer I have gone to a lot of places, but the place that impressed me most is this trip to America. We always had nice meals. It was fun and makes me much more diligent in my study.

— V.L.

“one of the most interesting...”

This summer camp is one of the most interesting I’ve ever attended. It’s very interesting! I enjoyed making so many new my new friends. The food is also very delicious! Because I ate more and more every day I gained a few kilos! I liked this summer camp very much. Thank you.

— R.L.

“a lot we can’t experience in urban areas...”

This camp is full of fun both day and night. There are a lot of interesting activities that we can’t experience in urban areas. If I have the chance, I would go to the camp again.

— T.X.

A Letter from a Parent

Dear Liberty Springs, 

By way of introduction, I am Ethan’s mom and Ethan is one of the participants that joined your program this summer.  I hope you can recall the Chinese naughty boy☺. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you, Jessa, Josh, Adam and the whole team in US for your hospitality to the kid and the great efforts and help to him. 

This is the 1 st  time for Ethan to travel alone and therefore we used to be very worried if he can make the trip fruitful and successful. I feel thankful when Ethan and Jenny told me you helped him to clean up the suitcase after shampoo spilled over making a mess in the suitcase. I also feel touched you and your team help wash the clothes for the kid and went to the market to get the sun cream for him.

Ethan learned a lot from how to tackle the chores, how to take care of himself, and also great deal of geology and paleontology knowledge. More importantly, he said he can feel the heartfelt friendship from you, your family and your team.

Thank you!

 Looking forward to seeing you again in US or in Shanghai.

Best Regards,

Ethan’s Mom


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

— Benjamin Franklin


Key Program Components

University Partner

On campus lodging and dining while participating in customized programs at top-tier universities. A perfect introduction to quality institutions of higher education.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

Extremely rare and unique activities that many consider to be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities—some of which are only available to our students.



English Language Training

Total immersion in the English language throughout our programs provides a fast track to greatly improved English skills.

PhD Designed Education

Strong educational activities and curriculum designed by PhD’s from top tier programs that are experts in their respective fields.


Our Executive Team


Tyler Smith

Tyler is the Executive Director for Liberty Springs. Prior to founding Liberty Springs, Tyler was an assistant dean and adjunct professor at Utah State University. Tyler has over 20 years working with young people and helping them progress toward achieving their life’s ambitions. His passion for unique and powerful educational experiences drives the development of our premier educational programs. Tyler has two Master’s Degrees and is a CPA. He lives in Utah with his wife and four children.


Josh Feigleson

Josh is our Director of Business Development. He has 6 years of youth program experience as a manager for youth development programs across the United States, and also leading youth humanitarian trips in Fiji. Josh has dual bachelors degrees in statistics and economics from Utah State University where he was recipient and President of President of the Huntsman Scholar Program. When not studying or working, Josh enjoys reading, studying Mandarin, playing sports, being outdoors, and writing music.


Shay Sookhoo

As the Social Media Marketing Manager for Liberty Springs, Shay creates and executes our social media for Facebook and Instagram. Connecting with curious minds looking for premier educational programs is important to us. She has a bachelors degree from Brigham Young University. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram—Shay will keep you updated on all of the recent developments and availability of our programs.


Jessa Smith

Jessa is our Director of Student Safety and Wellness. Her education in Child Psychology from University of Minnesota and experience raising four children ensures that our students are cared for in every way—sleep, nutrition, mindset, etc. Healthy students make happy students. Jessa is the one to thank for your child feeling right at home while attending our programs.


Yongsang Park

Yongsang is the VP of Partner Relations for South Korea. He has an MBA from the Carlson School of Management with extensive experience in marketing and finance for many top companies. Because of his professional and personal experience Yongsang is a valuable asset to our partners and parents. He understands what is important in a quality educational program for students, parents, and organizations. Yongsang lives in Seoul, South Korea.


Dr. Reed Kirkland

Dr. Reed Kirkland is the Educational Director. He earned his PhD from the University of California in Entomology. Dr. Kirkland was a professor in zoology, entomology, biology and natural history at California State University. At the University of Missouri Dr. Kirkland supervised all interdisciplinary courses in Plant Sciences. He served as Director of Laboratory Studies for Pan-Agricultural Laboratories then founded Bio Research where he conducted studies for government agencies that evaluated the effects of pesticides on different organisms.